Surviving Mercury Retrograde in 2022

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Surviving Mercury Retrograde in 2022

With another lap around the sun coming to the finish line, the dreaded Mercury Retrograde is about to begin once again. Mercury is the most frequent planet to retrograde and the New Year will start us off with Mercury retrograde on the 14th of Jan through to the 3rd of Feb. 

But what actually is Mercury retrograde and why is everyone freaking out?

Although feared by many, Mercury retrograde is a natural part of our cosmos, and the first thing to understand is Mercury is not actually traveling backwards in our sky, it only appears that way. Just as a fast plane speeds past a slow moving car, the fast plane actually appears to be moving backwards for a moment – it’s the same optical illusion which creates Mercury Retrograde!

As the fastest moving planet in our solar system, Mercury laps the Earth up to four times a year!  Mercury Retrograde dates in 2022 are:

  • January 14 to February 3, 2022
  • May 10 to June 2, 2022
  • September 9 to October 2, 2022
  • December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023

Occurring four times this year, Mercury is the most frequent planet to station retrograde and if we learn how to navigate these times wisely, we can create opportunities all year long for realignment and inner growth. 

  • The January retrograde will focus on how we communicate our thoughts.
  • The Second retrograde will push us out of our comfort zones.
  • The Third retrograde demands balance in our life.
  • The Final Mercury retrograde of 2022 will be a time to take a step back and look at the whole picture.

Surviving Mercury Retrograde | Crystal Karma by Trina

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 Your survival Guide

Waves of communication can be misinterpreted wrong during Mercury Retrograde so make sure to pause and think before you speak. Make sure you collect your thoughts first especially if you're not sure exactly what you want to say. Understand that any perceived blocks are superficial and the information you wish to communicate just needs to break through and this is just a small barrier that can easily be overcome with some time and compassion for yourself and others.

Mercury Retrograde can influence us to be the one to keep talking while not allow others to communicate effectively. Be mindful of this and converse with your consciousness. Recognise if you are taking the floor and pause to allow others to speak and clarify their thoughts. Actively engage in a balanced conversation where everyone feels seen, heard and respected.

 Read any new contracts thoroughly – twice or even three times! Mercury retrograde has a habit of helping us miss the details and we don’t give ourselves enough time to process the meaning or agreements. Pause. Read and reread! Take your time and even ask for an extension so you can really go over the details and come to terms with what you are agreeing to. You’ll be better off in the long run for it!

Technology always seems to malfunction during Mercury Retrograde so be sure to double check your cloud storage, double save that document and check the oil in your car!  During this time if you do find your website crashes or you are locked out of your emails, this may be a forced message to disconnect from the technological world. Go for a walk, count stars or dip your feet in the water to remind yourself of your connection with nature.

Don’t let Mercury Retrograde get you bent out of shape

As soon as you change your thinking from “omg – retrograde!!” you may actually consider this time a good thing. If all energies are perfectly aligned, Mercury wont be able to affect them but you should be open to realignment. If a few things break down during Mercury Retrograde, see this as an opportunity and a gift to realign and rebuild!

Surviving Mercury Retrograde | Crystal Karma by Trina

Must have Crystals in your survival kit

FLUORITE - Focus & Intuition.

A stone for focus and clarity of the mind, fluorite can stimulate and heighten intuition and give you a clear view of your hopes and aspirations, making it an excellent stone for meditation. Also a crystal of calm and flow it will help you to think clear and serene thoughts throughout the Retrograde. How to Use: Hold the small obelisk in your hand and say "I am focused. I am calm."

SHUNGITE - Purification & Protection.

Shungite is a stone that can bring harmony, balance and an overall sense of wellbeing. Protective against electromagnetic frequencies it is also said to be beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety, soothing busy minds and calming the body. Shungite can also absorb negative energy and remove it from a person or even an entire space. How to Use: Take this Palm stone everywhere with you as a guide and protector. Hold and move around in hand to soothe anxiety.

SAGE SMUDGE- Cleansing + Purifying.

For hundreds of years, White sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. Used in rituals and ceremonies for centuries, white sage is often burned in a ritual known as smudging. How to Use: Light up the smudge bundle, once the flame begins, allow it to burn for 3 seconds before blowing it out. This should produce a smoke. Carry the sage at shoulder height through your sacred space and say "I rid myself and my space of negativity and all that doesn't serve me".

AMETHYST- Meditation & Spirituality.

Amethyst is a calming and soothing crystal, which promotes calmness, balance and peace. Helping you to ‘switch off’ negative and disruptive thought patterns, this stone can aid meditation practices and support deep restful sleep. By opening and activating the crown and third eye chakras amethyst can enhance intuition, connecting you on a deeper level with your spirituality. How to Use: Place your Amethyst Tumble Stone somewhere so that it will always be with you. Just by being around you Amethyst does its job. Remind yourself when you hold it "Nothing can phase me. I am calm. I am still."

We have a survival kit ready to go! 

Our Mercury Retrograde Care Package is designed to assist you in getting through the upcoming Mercury Retrogrades for 2022.

Align your energies with our beautiful Crystals and Cleansing sticks and kick Mercury Retrograde's butt!

 Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set #2 | Crystal Karma by Trina


 Or if you'd like to learn a bit more about Mercury Retrograde, this is a great read.

The Mercury Retrograde Book


The Crystal Karma Team x  

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