Agate Bookends On Sale!

From the hot molten interior of the earth, painstakingly formed over tens of thousands of years, comes the mystery and beauty of agate.

Agates develop as hot molten lava spills from caverns deep underground. Reactions of different substances cause bubbles to form, much like in soda water. As the 2,000-degree lava emerges and hits the open air, it cools quickly. The bubbles within solidify, creating small vestibules that, over time, form beautiful layers.

These layers come from sediment-rich water that fills the vestibule. Over time, the sediments slowly solidify. Agates with high quartz content will slowly build crystals out of the mineral-rich waters filling the agate.

For 30,000 or more years, agates slowly solidify. In some cases, the environment dries out before they can fill in completely. When opened, they reveal a dazzling array of beautiful crystals.  In other cases, sediment and crystal growth eliminates hollow spaces. When sliced open, you find stunning layers of deep blue, purple, or other incredible colourations wrapped around sparkling quartz. 

Our Selection of Agate Stone Bookends 

What Mother Nature spent eons in crafting, you can now have on your bookshelf. Our natural agate bookends add a touch of exotic class to any office or shelf. The rugged stone exterior of our gemstone bookends contrasts stunningly with the shining array of colours and crystals hidden within. 

We offer a tremendous selection of purple, pink, white, and blue agate bookends at a great price.  Our customers value our wide selection of these sought after items. 

These semi-precious gemstone bookends add grace and beauty to almost any interior design scheme and, with care, can retain their beauty and lustrous qualities forever. Make sure to keep from direct sunlight as it may cause their colours to fade.

Why Choose Crystal Karma?

Crystal Karma by Trina offers a wide selection of agate bookends, crystal products, exotic Himalayan salt products, and much more. 

We select only the most ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products to showcase in our store. Trina handpicks every item to ensure that every purchase that you make from Crystal Karma is an ethical one of which you can take pride.

This business represents the culmination of a journey and a dream by Trina. After a serious car accident, while recovering from her injuries, Trina rekindled her love of beading and creating crystal jewellery. Combining her skill with a passion for the spiritual, Trina built Crystal Karma.

Today, Crystal Karma serves as a centre for both products and education. Trina enjoys discussing how our products work, regardless of purpose. Please reach out by phone or message with any questions. 

We are always thrilled to share our knowledge and experience.