Selenite Lamps

Selenite Lamps

Add the beautiful glow of a a white selenite lamp Selenite lamps to your home. These translucent/white crystals don't just make a stunning statement piece for any room in your home (or work), they can also help to clear negative energy, improve mental clarity and recharge your other crystals nearby.  These are perfect for a new baby's room, emitting a pure soft glow so you can see to move around but not too bright to disturb your sleeping baby.

Selenite, also known as satin spar, desert rose, or gypsum flower are four crystal structure varieties of the mineral gypsum. These four varieties of gypsum may be grouped together and called selenite

Selenite is a relatively soft mineral, the surface of a crystal can be scratched with your nail. The largest crystals in the world are selenite crystals and were found in a cave 300 meters underground near the Mexican town of Naica.

Selenite emits light energy and promotes purity and honesty. It clears up energy blocks and forces the user to be honest with himself. Negative energy is also cleared and a connection can be made with the etheric chakras.

Notes about Selenite

Selenite is a soft and very fragile stone that can be easily scratched easily, even with your fingernail. Selenite should be kept dry and not placed into water or allowed to get wet.

Raw unpolished Selenite can easily splinter.  Selenite can contain imperfections and natural flaws but this is normal.  Please note before making your purchase.