Shapes - Generators, Hearts, Spheres & Points

Shapes - Generators, Hearts, Spheres & Points

When it comes to crystals the possibilities are endless. Crystals come in natural shapes and can be modified to depict a certain cut or shape. Whether the crystal is shaped as a Generator, Point, Sphere, Tower, Double Terminated or even a Pyramid, the right crystal will speak to you. 

The shape of any given crystal isn’t just about aesthetics either. Instead, the shape of a crystal will enhance how any given person will experience the energy they receive from the crystal. Showing just how important the right crystal is when it comes to personal experiences. 

What are crystal generators 

The cut of a crystal generator is instantly recognisable. With six equally sized faces and a centrally located tip, generator crystals are bold. The bold design means they can be used in many different ways. 

Generator crystals are considered a strong power source for other crystals, however, they can also be used as great tools for meditation, healing and general support. Showing the versatile and helpful nature of this cut of crystal. 

How to choose a generator crystal 

When buying generators online it’s important to know that they don’t have to be perfect. Many people get caught up in the fact that a generator may have a central tip but not exactly six equally sized faces. Even so, the crystal will still be capable. 

However, it’s worth noting that if you believe the generator to be imperfect, it’s best to keep searching. This kind of negative thought can impede your ability to work with the crystal and reap its benefits. 

When choosing a crystal, you need to feel an affinity with it. This type of attachment will draw you to either perfect or imperfect generator crystals. Making the right choice is about having the strength to listen to the energy of each crystal. 

The power of a generator crystal 

There is something special about a large crystal generator. The crystal is able to generate strong and powerful energies and project these energies out into the Universe. This type of crystal brings power, energy and balance to the room. 

While actively working to amplify and project energies and intentions, the crystal generators we have for sale also boost energy and enhance all healing work. Whether worn as a necklace, held in your hand or placed on your body, this crystal is just as powerful. 

Setting intentions with a crystal generator 

Crystal generators are known to harness the power of intentions and project this energy into the universe. When it comes to setting intentions, this can become a daily ritual. Setting your intentions is about getting in touch with your inner spiritual needs and choosing what areas of your life you want to focus on and improve. 

By setting your intentions, you are charging your crystal and therefore programming it. This simple act helps to give the crystal a sense of direction and purpose. By setting your intentions with a generator crystal you can program an already powerful crystal to help align you with your life purpose and wants. 

Purchasing a generator crystal 

Looking to buy generators online? With Crystal Karma by Trina, connecting with the right crystal at the right time in your life has never been easier. 

As an online store, we are proud to offer Afterpay, Laybuy, Humm and Sezzle services to help you pay for a crystal generator in Australia.

There are so many shapes crystal can be cut and shaped to, such as Generators, Points, Spheres, Towers, Double Terminated, Pyramids etc.

The way a crystal or stone is cut or shaped is not just purely aesthetic, there’s more to a crystal’s shape than meets the eye. The shape itself doesn't change the type or amount of energy a crystal released but the way a crystal is cut and shaped, can enhance how you experience that energy.

Knowing which crystal shape does what will help you amplify your experience based on the mood you’re in. Search our blog for more information on crystal shapes and how they can help you on your crystal healing journey.  Do you need focus? Use a crystal point. Looking for some stability? Go for the grounding essence of a cube.

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