Crystal Clusters

Crystal clusters are more than just lovely decorative additions to a room. While they do add natural elegance and class to any design scheme, they also act as conduits for spiritual energy, infusing your space and life with metaphysical uplift.

How Crystal Clusters Work

Our crystal clusters for sale help to channel positive energies while dissipating the negative. Healing crystal clusters from Australia and elsewhere absorb negative energy, purifying the space and rendering it more pleasant. 

Many customers find crystals useful in meditation. Hold one in two hands or near your feet in a seated position. Some of our crystal clusters may be too heavy to hold for long. Others place their crystal on their body while lying down. 

Some find outstanding results in creating cluster grids. These can take smaller or larger forms, depending on the space and the impact desired. 

Larger grids can take up much of a room and are best for intensive sessions. Smaller ones can be placed on a table or even your work station to promote the best possible spiritual energy.

Years of study and experience have revealed many beneficial properties inherent in these crystals Amethyst is known to channel positive energies, for example.

Our amethyst crystal clusters have properties that are said to help sleeplessness, addictions, and negative emotions. They can trigger essential healing in their immune systems, help to cleanse the blood of toxins and improve metabolism.

Desert Rose clusters, forged over thousands of years by water, wind, and sand, bring peace to those burdened by old and negative thought processes. Its natural energy channelling capabilities create clarity and thoughtfulness on the way to promoting personal prosperity.

The Crystal Karma by Trina Story

Our wide range of crystal clusters and other products reflects Trina’s dedication to providing both products and education. Trina’s vision of using education and quality products to aid quality of life serves as the mission of Crystal Karma.

She founded Crystal Karma as a way to spread information about the healing properties of crystals. Places where many people feel the weakest and most vulnerable are natural points where treatment can boost the health of mind and body.

Trina at Crystal Karma understands that our customers come to us with sincere needs. They do not simply want a beautiful object to adorn their home. Most need relief from the daily stresses of life and unhealthiness within their bodies. 

We Welcome Your Questions

Please reach out if you have any questions about the dynamic effect that the right selection of crystal clusters and other products can have on your life. We live to educate our customers and others on their benefits so that you may achieve your best possible you.