Books, Journals & Oracle Cards

Books, Journals & Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards and Metaphysical Books

At Crystal Karma by Trina, we offer a fantastic selection of oracle cards, self-care books, as well as books on crystals, astrology, dream therapy, Wicca, and Feng shui. We’ve curated a lovely collection of knowledge and divinatory tools to help you learn how to live your life in alignment with nature's rhythms and the magical arts. 

Browse through our selection to find the perfect metaphysical books and oracle cards to add to your personal collection.

Why use oracle cards?

Oracle cards are a beautiful tool for attaining guidance and wisdom. They work through a principle today known as synchronicity. Defined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, synchronicity is the practice of recognising meaningful coincidences in our lives as a way to turn our attention to consciousness or universal intelligence that operates beyond the individual mind.

When you pull a specific card from your oracle deck, the meaning you derive from the symbols pictured in the card isn’t a mere coincidence but rather meaningful coincidence (synchronicity). The symbols are a language through which your higher powers or universal consciousness can communicate to you via synchronicity.

While the term synchronicity is from the modern era, people around the globe have been using oracle cards and other divinatory tools to derive meaning from symbols for thousands of years. By intuitively reading the symbols in your deck of oracle cards when looking for an answer to a question or guidance on an issue, you are seeking higher wisdom. You are essentially opening your heart to what the superconscious, the cosmos, or your higher powers are saying to you. Through using oracle cards, you can always make choices to help you align your life with your highest good.

We offer a variety of oracle card decks, including Kyle Gray’s transcendent Keepers of Light Oracle Cards and the engaging Magickal Herb Oracle by Cheralyn Darcey. We’re also always adding new oracle cards so check back often to see what’s new.

Choosing the best metaphysical and self-care books for you

From moon magic and laws of attraction journals to informative books that will get you started on your journey into crystal healing, every book we carry can add so much wonder and serenity to your life.

Whether you are a practising Wiccan, a lover of all things that radiate with a higher vibration, or all of the above, you’ll enjoy diving into our collection of metaphysical books and journals. Clear a spot on your bookshelf and start building your collection of mystical, mind-opening knowledge today. Each book will fill your soul and inspire you to learn more.

We also have lovely agate bookends that you can use to decorate your personal metaphysical bookshelf.

Browse our selection of books and choose the one that resonates with you the most at this very moment. Don’t forget to come back often to see what’s new – we’re always adding the best self-care books, crystal books, tarot books, and more to ensure you have everything you need to support your personal and spiritual growth.

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