Candle Holders

Candle Holders

Compliment your existing space with our beautiful collection of candle holders. Whether you’re after a selenite candle holder, an agate candle holder or anything else in between, Crystal Karma by Trina can help you.

We have a large range of candle holders available that are sure to enhance the mood in your home. After all, imagine how peaceful it would be to set a relaxing hot bath and have all the gorgeous colours of our candle holders emanating and glowing so brightly for you! 

No matter how you like to unwind - whether it’s through a hot bath, reading a book, meditating or more - our candle holders will definitely set the mood for relaxation and good times ahead. They’ll disperse light in such a beautiful, soothing and calming way.

Our products are also of the highest quality. I have a wealth of experience in the crystal industry and have a profound respect for our products as the tools and instruments for peace. I ethically source only the best natural crystals for our candle holders. Each one of our crystals is also hand-picked by me to ensure our customers only receive the most exceptional crystal candle holders around in Australia. 

We have a large range of candle holders

The types of crystal candle holders we have available is ever-expanding. Our list includes:

Our most popular product by far is our Amethyst Cluster candle holders. Radiating in all its natural sparkling glory, amethyst helps to relieve stress and strain, dispelling feelings of negativity and anxiety. It can also help with activating your spiritual awareness, stimulating intuition and promoting a higher state of consciousness.

However, that’s not to discount our entire range of candle holders! Each product has its own benefits that are sure to enhance the overall feeling of ultimate comfort and relaxation within your own home. For example, Himalayan salt can help cleanse and purify the air, promoting good health and boosting blood flow. Whereas, selenite is a calming stone, commonly used in meditation practices and spiritual activity. No matter what type of candle holder you purchase, they’re sure to capture the peace and serenity you are after.

Whether you’re a crystal lover with an expansive collection or you’re just making a start and wanting to know more about crystals, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We not only have beautifully ethereal candle holders available to purchase but also stock a wide range of Himalayan salt lamps, eclectic crystal jewellery, metaphysical products, eco-friendly biodegradable products, sage for cleansing, incense sticks and so much more.

If you’re looking for something we don’t have, then simply drop me a line at and I’ll do my best to source it for you! 

Buy our candle holders today

If you’re after a beautiful crystal candle holder however, our range is unparalleled. Browse our collection today and discover for yourself our amazing agate candle holders, our soothing selenite candle holders, our Himalayan salt candle holders and so much more. 

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