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Crystal Karma is a small Australian family-run, online business on the beautiful Gold Coast. Crystal Karma is your ultimate source of beautiful high quality crystals and spiritual tools, ethically sourced and hand picked by me, Trina.

I have always loved crystals for their gorgeous natural colours, shapes and their amazing energy - Mother Nature at her best!   I have a gorgeous personal collection of crystals and I'm an advocate for spiritual wellness and crystal energy.

Crystal Karma provides the highest quality crystals, a great range of Altar tools, Books, Journals, Oracle Cards and other metaphysical products. We also have Himalayan Salt Lamps and salt products & beautiful gift sets.


Crystal Karma by Trina

ABN: 41 936 563 104


Email:  info@trinaberwick.com.au

Phone:  0417 772 667


Crystal Karma by Trina is an online store only.

PO Box 752

Labrador. Qld. 4215


Gorgeous High Quality Crystals - Gold Coast