Herbs, Resin & Incense Blends

Herbal incense and supplies for all your witchy spells

Looking to enhance your intuition and psychic powers? Magical herbs and incense blends are a wonderful tool in any Witch’s ritual magic kit. Use them for your witchy rituals and magical practices, or simply to uplift the vibe in your home with sacred scents and positive energy. Our selection of herbal resin, incense sticks, and ritual mixes are made from premium ingredients. With plenty of charcoal discs and beautiful, handmade brass hot charcoal disc burner stands, you’ll find everything you need for your everyday spells and rituals right here.

I’m new to charcoal discs – how do I use them?

Charcoal discs are an essential for rituals. At Crystal Karma by Trina, we love suggesting them for protection spells, house purification, moon magic, and more because they create an incredible vibe. To use them, make sure you have a heatproof surface. Light the charcoal from underneath with a lighter. Once it’s glowing, add your ritual incense, resin, or herbs.

How long do charcoal discs stay warm?

Once you light your disc, it should last for about one hour. Once it’s done, and the ashes are cool, you can keep them for future rituals/spells or simply discard them..

I’d like to support my psychic gifts – do you have a psychic mix available?

Yes, we do! Browse our selection of herbal resin and incense and you’ll find blends for psychic powers, energy, crystal purification, medication, wealth, and more.

Buy your herb incense burner and magical supplies online

Finding ritual herbs, burners, and incense charcoal discs nearby isn’t easy. We get it. The reality is, only a small number of shops in Australia carry quality products for practising witches.

But at Crystal Karma by Trina, we’ve made things simple. We have a huge selection of authentic supplies, beautiful crystals, and magical products, all available online. Plus, you’re welcome to use our Afterpay feature if you want to buy now and pay later. Your search for all things magical is over! Browse our shop and contact us anytime if you have questions.