Witchy Altar Products

Witchy Altar Products

Customise your magical altar with all things witchy. We know how sacred the altar is to all of our witchy and Wiccan friends, so we’ve made sure to carry a huge range of altar décor products, including antique looking cast iron cauldrons, witch oracle cards, beautiful athames, and other ritual essentials. If you’re looking for a complete selection of witch products online, you’ll love browsing the altar products at Crystal Karma!

Essentials for every magical altar

You can decorate your altar with anything that’s special to you. Use candles, sage smudge sticks, pentagrams, crystals, bells, and more to symbolise the elements and to create the perfect witchy altar. Here are some of the essentials you can use for your altar décor.

  • Athame - An athame is a ritual knife with a double-edge. It’s used to direct energy in Wiccan rituals. For example, you would use your athame to draw sacred symbols in the air or to cut unwanted energetic cords. At Crystal Karma, we offer selenite athames in small, medium, and large sizes. Selenite is a wonderful crystal to use in witchy rituals because it won’t hold any negative energy and it helps to clear any negativity, helping to raise the vibration of your witchy altar space.
  • Altar bowl - Every modern witch should treat her or himself to a beautiful trinket bowl. Much more than a simple altar decoration, a bowl can be used to hold burning incense, sage, or any crystals or symbols that you want to use to direct the energy during a ritual or meditation.
  • Cast iron cauldron - No witchy altar is complete without a traditional cauldron. Browse our selection of cast iron witches cauldrons for sale. You can use your cauldron for crushing herbs, burning incense, sage smudging, and more. Representative of the womb of the goddess and used for all types of purification and rebirth rituals, the cauldron is a must-have for any magic altar.
  • Witch oracle cards - Many Wiccans use a set of witch’s wisdom oracle cards to divine answers and to seek higher guidance during a ritual. At Crystal Karma, you can find a variety of oracle cards, as well as books on witch’s altars, using the tarot and oracle decks, and more.

Shop witch products online at Crystal Karma

Whether you are looking for special cleansing and protection kits, new crystals to add to your collection, books on Wicca, divination, and other magical arts, or any other witchy products, you’ll find what your heart is searching for at Crystal Karma.

We supply modern witches and crystal lovers in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. Shop our alter décor range and our other witchy products today for yourself or to gift to all your witchy friends.

If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to reach out – we’re always happy to help!

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