Full Moon Magic

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Full Moon Magic

The full moon never ceases to cause a slight catch of your breath in all her glory. Historical significance and cultural beliefs vary from mystical to romantic but did you know we can harvest the power of a full moon to work into our practice? 

In many cultures, the moon is represented as a Goddess, celebrated as the powerful feminine energy that is responsible for fertility, children, mothering, and healing while also bringing the qualities of compassion and great wisdom. 

Moon worship has been a part of our history since the beginning. The ancient civilisations discovered that special energies are emitted during certain phases of the moon. In today’s modern world, these connections have been rediscovered as we seek to realign ourselves with the universe and fulfil our dreams and wishes. 


Full Moon ritualshttps://www.womanandhome.com/us/life/news-entertainment/full-moon-rituals-how-to-harness-lunar-energy-to-manifest-bliss/


Crystal Charging 

One of the most well-known and simple rituals during a full moon is putting your crystals out to charge but why do we actually do this? 

Cleansing our crystals isn’t just about making them physically clean but cleansing out the energies that have been pulled into the crystal over the last full moon cycle. While there are plenty of other ways to cleanse your crystals like smoke, water, earth and intention, the full moon is traditionally the most powerful way to rid old energies and reset your stones ready to be used for new work.  Full Moon cleansing is extremely beneficial for crystals that absorb specific energies like Black Tourmaline and Obsidian that are frequently used to soak up negative energy. 

The light of the moon will inspire the crystal and all the vibrations associated with it; you simply leave your stones out in a space where the light of the full moon will hit it. With multiple stones make sure they are separate and not in a pile! While its ideal to leave them overnight in the night air, sometimes this may not be possible such as if you live in an apartment or shared space. As long as the crystals are able to bath in the moonlight the rest will happen naturally, often this is done on windowsills or near open windows, in its simplest form, the moonlight alone is enough. 


Crystals on a portable try makes it easy to carry your crystals into the moonlight. 



Some of the wildest nights happen on full moons, ask any medical professional or police officer… There is a reason the term “lunatic” was used so often! Emotions run high during a full moon and everything is extra intense. We can use this intensity and apply it to any basic spell you like! Channel the power of the full moon to focus your intent and guide your intentions.

The full moon is all about completion whether it be cleansing, releasing and removing what no longer works for you. A few days before the full moon, think about what you may want to release.  The full moon gives us the gift of removing what no longer serves us. 


Moon Water

The full moon is fully feminine and associated with nourishment and intuition. During this stage when her energy is at a height, make your own Moon Water by placing a container full of water outside (or on balcony or windowsill) where it can catch moonbeams. Take a moment to focus your intentions then let the water infuse with the Moon’s nourishing energy. This is a magical time for creativity and personal insight and the perfect time to create moon water. You can add water-safe crystals to infuse your water.

The next day when the water is ready to use, you can add it to a ritual bath or use it to brew herbal tea, you can even sip at it if you wish as you meditate under the Moon’s guiding light. You are tapping into an ancient energy current; can you feel it?

Amethyst-Infused-Moon-Water | Crystal Karma by Trina

 Chevron Amethyst Infused Moon Water 

Amethyst-Infused-Moon-Water | Crystal Karma by Trina

Moonlight Bathing

Prepare a spot in your yard, balcony, near a window or on your porch in a place that you feel safe and connected to the divine power of the moon and a space that you can touch the moon’s light. You can add your crystals, incense or other alter products to include in your space to cleanse with the full moon’s energy. Comfortably sit or stand under the moons most powerful light, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Slowly in and out. Focus your thoughts and intentions about letting go and with every breath out visualise the energy leaving your body and being released.


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These Full Moon rituals are just suggestions and we encourage you to create your own as the practice is more powerful when you add your own personal touches and incorporate what feels right to you. The more comfortable you are when doing these types of rituals/ceremonies, the more you will raise your vibration and empower your energies and enjoy those uplifting benefits. 


Follow your intuitions and trust in your path.


With love and Light

X Crystal Karma by Trina


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