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Following on from my previous blog which you can read here. Crystal Cleansing & Charging Blog, in this blog I talk about Setting your Intentions with Crystals and How to Charge Crystals with Intention.


Setting your Intentions with Crystals - How to Charge Crystals with Intention | Crystal Karma by Trina


Why it is Important to Practice Intention Setting

Setting your intention is a powerful ritual you can use on a daily basis to improve various areas of your life.  An intention is basically what you want in your life and regular intention setting practice can reinforce your intentions making them stronger.

Setting your intention is also about getting in touch with your inner spiritual needs – choosing what areas of your life you really want to focus on and improve.  This could be better relationships, becoming more in tune with your spiritual senses, money, employment, health, confidence etc.

When setting intentions, you are investing in yourself and allowing yourself the time so it's important to set clear intentions to what changes you want to happen.  Be as specific as you can when doing this. 

Setting intentions with crystals and how to program a crystal - Once you have cleansed and charged your crystals (by one of the methods pictured below and as in our previous blog - link above), the next step is to set your intention (how to charge your crystals with intentions or programming your crystal) which means telling your crystal what you want it to do for you and giving it a sense of direction for its purpose. 

You may choose any crystal and set an individual intention for it, depending on what you are wanting to work on and improve.  For example, you could choose: -,


  • Rose Quartz to attract love – self love, family & other relationships.
Rose Quartz Roughs | Crystal Karma by Trina


 Black Tourmaline Roughs with Mica Large | Crystal Karma by Trina


  • Amethyst to enhance your spiritual awareness and meditation.
Amethyst Seer Stones | Crystal Karma by Trina
  • Citrine to attract abundance and success.

 Citrine Tumble Stone Large | Crystal Karma by Trina


  • Celestite to remove bad vibes and bring calmness to your space.
Celestite Cluster Egg Shaped | Crystal Karma by Trina


  • Lepidolite to help with anxiety and dispelling negative energy.
Lepidolite Roughs | Crystal Karma by Trina


See this gorgeous Abundance Crystal set here.

Selenite Abundance Crystal Set


There is no right or wrong way to practice this ritual – it all comes from within and is all about having a strong intention.

Find a quiet space where you can feel relaxed and uninterrupted for at least 10 minutes.  Sit comfortably, close your eyes and hold your crystal in your hand and feel its energy.  Start to visualise your intention, take a few deep breaths and when you feel you are ready, state your intention aloud 3 times, continue to state your intention in your mind and meditate on it.  If you feel the need to continue to state it out aloud, do so as long as you feel necessary to keep your energy focused on your intention. 

Finish your ritual with a blessing to Mother Nature and your crystals thanking them for helping you stay focused with peace, love and harmony.  Place your crystal somewhere it can be easily seen each day to repeat and reaffirm your intention.  Using Crystal Grids to set your intentions is another powerful ritual and I will cover more about Crystal Grid Intentions in a future blog.  Stay tuned.


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