Beginners Crystals… Where to start? How to choose a Crystal or More to the Point, How a Crystal Chooses You

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Beginners Crystals… Where to start?   How to choose a Crystal or more to the point, How a Crystal chooses You

With so many crystals out there, if you are new to the world of crystals, it can be quite overwhelming.   What are the best crystals for beginners.. what should you choose.. where should you start?  In this blog, I’ll cover some basics to help you start your crystal journey.  Everyone’s journey is different, so don’t compare what others are doing, you’re on your own path.

Once you start working with crystals you will soon learn to trust your instinct when choosing them.  Trust that when you are drawn to a particular crystal that it is the one needed for your spirit and try to connect with it.   To choose your first crystals, you don’t need to spend hours reading every meaning of 100 crystals, just choose the ones that are choosing you, trust your intuition with this and you’ll be on your way. 

If your eye is drawn to a certain crystal, whether it be the colour or the shape, ask yourself how it makes you feel?  Do you feel a connection to it? Are you drawn to it?  Does it give you a warm happy or excited feeling inside?   You’ll be surprised, as once you’ve chosen your crystal by intuition (your feels), whether you are needing a crystal to help with confidence and overcoming fear, or for grounding and protection, you usually find the right crystal will choose you.  Take your time and work with your new crystal for a few weeks and see what difference it makes.  Be mindful of any changes, even the subtle ones that occur in your behaviour or your life and hopefully there are some positive ones.

Of course, you can always choose a crystal by its properties if you are looking for a crystal for a specific purpose or need.  Do some research about the metaphysical properties of crystals for your needs, like crystals for self-love, a calming crystal for a good night’s sleep or crystals for abundance.  Researching the properties of crystals can take time and a good book to start this journey is Crystal Bible by Judy Hall Volume 1 .  Once you’ve read this, there is also Volume 2 & 3!




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Plus, there are endless other sources out there to continue to add to your knowledge.   

I am continually working on adding the metaphysical properties to each crystal product on my website and will eventually compile a broader encyclopedia of crystal meanings.

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I’m sure once you start experiencing the powerful energy these beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) crystals can bring to your life, you’ll be hooked and I’ll happily be your “rock dealer”.  I love watching people start with one small crystal and before long, their collection has grown to include all shapes and sizes! 


Keep an eye out for our upcoming Blogs including; -


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