Gold Tongue Drum - Sound Cleansing

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Gold Tongue Drum - Sound Cleansing


5.5" mini steel tongue drum.

Comes with 2 Drum Mallets and hessian bag.

Standard C key and 8 tones, allows you to play some simple songs.
High-quality alloy steel material, surface painted with pearl finish, exquisite and anti-corrosion.


Color: Gold

Material: Alloy Steel

Item Size: 5" / 13cm

Item Weight:  475g

Percussion sounds are widely used in the ancient religions for thousands of years in Asia, Africa and America. The golden tongue drum is a helpful meditation tool which has become popular with spiritualists for its ease of use. It is so-called because of its golden colour and the burnished flower of life.  The flower's petals are similar in shape to a tongue. The gold colour represents success and triumph. If you want to focus better in your meditation, the golden tongue drum is a helpful addition to your meditation space. 

Where did it come from?

Wooden log drums were used by Aztecs, while the African Slit Drum was also used for spiritual purposes. Oriental religions have also used the wooden bell or wooden fish for thousands of years. 

The golden tongue drum was invented by Dennis Hyena, making the first one from an old propane tank in 2007.  The first design was called the Hank drum.  He later improved the design to the present form. It has since become a popular meditation aid for people all over the world. 

How hard is it to play?

The golden tongue drum does not require special playing skills. it can be played by anyone. You can play it intuitively without a musical background.  There is no set way of playing the drum. You just have to start hitting it with the mallets that come with it. There is no right or wrong way of playing. It has become popular because of this ease of use. 

You can also use your hands to play the golden tongue drum but it takes some time to get used to.  Your hands also need to toughen up to produce the same quality of sound as the mallets. Most people prefer playing with the mallets for proper vibrations. Its music is relaxing and calming, and it quickly gets a person in a meditative stance.

What Tongue Drum options do you offer?

At Crystal Karma by Trina, we offer the most exquisite cast steel tongues, besides the conventional gold and silver tongue drums. If you are looking for a great sounding and affordable tongue drums, our alloy steel tongue drum in Australia is the perfect option for you. 

Can I play songs on the golden tongue drum?

As a musical instrument, the golden tongue drum can play the standard C key and has 8 tones. You can play simple songs on it.  The high-quality alloy steel makes powerful vibrations to aid in your meditation. The drum comes pre-tuned which allows even fresh beginners to use it very well. The drum makes smooth soothing sounds just like a ‘soft’ trance melody.  It also has a long sustain which keeps sounding off after the mallets are done. 

What is included in the purchase?

You will get a 5-inch steel tongue drum that is painted in a golden pearl colour.  It comes with two mallets and a hessian bag so that you can carry it anywhere.  The drum’s weight is 475 grams making it portable enough to carry to your meditation in parks or other serene spaces. 

At Crystal Karma by Trina, you can purchase the best gold and steel tongue drum in Australia with ease.  Looking for a little help with payments? You can buy your tongue drum with Afterpay.

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