Charcoal Discs - One Roll of 10 discs

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Charcoal Discs - One Roll of 10 discs

Three Kings Charcoal Discs 33mm

For use with suitable charcoal burners and tongs.

Instructions for use:  

1. Using tongs, hold charcoal disc and light it carefully from underneath.

2. Keep lighting until it starts sparking then place disc in heat proof bowl on a bed of salt or in a charcoal burner and let it heat for a minute or two.

3. Once the charcoal disc is hot and glowing, sprinkle your resins / incense or herb blend onto the disc.  The herbs & resins should start to "burn" right away. The aim is to get them to smoulder, not flame up, or explode, so take care!

The disc should burn for around 30 minutes

NOTE: Ensure your charcoal burner is on a heat-proof surface as, depending on the design, some hot charcoal/ash may fall onto the surface below. Dispose of ash once it has completely cooled - wipe away any residue left from the burnt ash. Always keep lit charcoal out of reach of children or pets, and never leave unattended.

Use in a well ventilated area, do not leave to burn unsupervised, and when in use, always remember the bowl will become hot.