Organic Goodness Mandarin and Bay Leaf Smudge Resin 40gms

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Organic Goodness Mandarin and Bay Leaf Smudge Resin 40gms

Song of India is known for their wonderful perfume oils, incenses and incense resins. Their Organic Goodness range takes this one step further with its use of carefully selected pure and natural ingredients. Mandarin and Bay Leaf is one of six great natural smudging blends, perfect for meditation, relaxation, smudging, spells and rituals. It is made with mandarin peel, bay leaves and dried petals and it smells amazing. This product is labeled as a 'smudge resin incense' but please note that there is no actual resin in this blend.

In feng shui, mandarin peels represent vibrant and life affirming energy. This refreshing aroma of juicy Mandarin blends beautifully with the earthy and spicy note of Bay Leaf. Clear you mind and rejuvenate your surroundings with this tantalising smudge incense.

  • 40 gram Mandarin & Bay Leaf Smudge Resin Incense
  • Glass Jar with Cork Lid
  • Prepared with Mandarin Peel, Bay Leaf, and Dried Flower Petals.

These gorgeous glass jars of the organic goodness smudge resin range are beautifully made, ready for smudging the home or office. Used with a charcoal burner and charcoal tablet the fragrance of each resin smudge will fill your senses with peace and divine harmony. Scents and weight of resin vary depending on each fragrance. 

For use on Charcoal Tablets and Burners.

To use this mixture, you will require charcoal tablets. Through years of experience and use, we highly recommend 'Three Kings' charcoal tablets because of their superior quality!

  • Remove a tablet from the sealed roll and place in a heat proof dish (clay or ceramic)
  • Holding the edge of the tablet with some tongs, use a lighter or match to light the charcoal until it catches and starts to sparkle.
  • The sparks will take about 5 minutes to go through the entire tablet and it will start to get hot during this process.
  • Once the process has finished, you can then start to use it by sprinkling your favourite resin/powder on it. Burn as much or as little as you want as each tablet should stay relatively hot for approximately 2-3hrs. After that, it will stop being hot enough to burn anything.

Note:  Always use a heat proof container to catch your ashes and make sure you completely extinguish after use.

Crystal Karma is not responsible for mis-use of this product.