Sleep Rituals

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Sleep Rituals

Description: Do you have trouble getting—and staying—asleep? Sleep rituals can set the mood for restful slumber and help you drift off in peace—let these recommended bedtime routines be your key to a good night’s sleep! This accessible guide offers 100 easy rituals—including sleep-friendly recipes, relaxing yoga poses, calming breathing exercises, soothing meditations, and comforting writing exercises—suited for every type of person. You can even mix and match them for a completely customized bedtime experience and find the perfect solution to banish any sleepless night. Rituals include: Sleep-friendly recipes, like nutmeg-spiced warm milk. Soothing practices like dry brushing. Restorative yoga poses, such as Child’s Pose. Breathing exercises, like alternate nostril breathing. Let Sleep Rituals help you get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of!



Dimensions: 18 and 13 cm

Publish Date: 1/02/2019

Page Count: 256