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Selenite Bowls - Heart Shape

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Selenite Bowls - Heart Shape

Gorgeous Selenite Bowls - Heart Shaped

Perfect for charging & cleansing your crystals & jewellery.  Perfect for your storing your trinkets.

W: 12cm x 13cm approx

H: 3cm

420-500g approx

Selenite brings clarity of mind allowing to higher Angelic understanding. Calming stone installing deep peace. It pinpoints lessons and issues that are still unfinished and how to work on them. Clears confusion and helps you to see clearly. Non-judgemental is another one of its gifts.

Notes about Selenite

 Selenite is a soft and very fragile stone that can be easily scratched easily, even with your fingernail. Selenite should be kept dry and not placed into water or allowed to get wet.

Raw unpolished Selenite can easily splinter.  Selenite can contain imperfections and natural flaws but this is normal.  Please note before making your purchase.  Base width will vary between bowls - each product is individual and may differ slightly from photos.