Lavender Rose Quartz Rough - Large

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Lavender Rose Quartz Rough - Large

Approx 5cm-6cm

Approx 100-150g

Lavender Rose Quartz is a lilac pink variety of Quartz. Lavender Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love.

It is said to alleviate lack of self worth and low self esteem, and helps to assist with appreciating the things around you. Lavender Rose Quartz has a lovely positive effect on this the mind whilst dispelling mental blockages, but it also brings love and joy to the carrier.

It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote any form of love, whether that be self-love, friendship, family or romantic love and deep inner healing.

You will receive one piece intuitively picked for you. The photos represent the quality & sizing you will receive, however please note that as each stone is unique & one of a kind and there can be slight variations.