Halite Cluster Small #1

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Halite Cluster Small #1

Halite is the mineral from which Saxa salt comes from, also known as rock salt; and with a wealth of purifying properties, this seasoned salty healer is even saltier than many people realise.  Halite is salt formations. Halite is sodium chloride in its mineral form, or commonly known as rock salt. Crystals are formed through repeated episodes of seawater evaporation in areas where there are large basins. The unique pink colour is due to the extreme salinity of the lake. This causes halophilic bacteria and algae to survive inside the salt crust, making it come out of the Earth all shades of pink. 

W: 25g

S: 5cm x 3.5cm

Use your powerful Halite crystal like a salt lamp, to cleanse your space and absorb toxic or negative energies.  Ideal for anyone suffering from mood swings, mental instability or just a bad case of the feels, saliferous Halite will even you out without needing to reach for the Lithium.

Pink Halite pushes one to love every ounce of themselves and who they truly are. It's a strong crystal that helps one release emotional strain weighing down on them daily. Such feelings as self-guilt, low self-esteem, and overwhelming anxiety are perfect symptoms of someone who should carry a piece daily.

Halite is a crystal of purification. It cleanses the aura, and subtle bodies. It balances the emotions and is especially useful for those that suffer from random mood swings and mental instability.

Note - Halite is a collector’s specimen and should be taken care of appropriately. Strong light, especially sunlight, will fairly quickly cause the pink colour to fade. Therefore, when you display your specimens, put them into a low light area, well away from direct sunlight. Do not wash them in water or use a water cleansing method, they will dissolve. They can absorb water from very humid air so should be kept in cool dry places.