10 Minute Feng Shui - Crystal Karma by Trina

10 Minute Feng Shui

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10 Minute Feng Shui

Author: Alexander, Skye

Description: Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, can transform your love life, financial situation, health, and overall happiness. With 10 Minute Feng Shui, learn how to reap these benefits with just a few simple changes to your home decor. This amazing art is easier than you think: Put a vase of yellow flowers in your kitchen to increase your wealth. Place a live plant in your bedroom to improve your love life. Tie nine small bells on a red cord and hang it from your front door to bring happiness into your home. Hang a mobile in a sick room to clear congestion and respiration problems And more. In just ten minutes, revive stagnant energy and bring 'chi' into you home. Feng shui has been used successfully for centuries, and the tips in this book are the best of what the art has to offer. They're simple, they're fun, and they work!

Publisher: Quarto


Dimensions: 19.5 and 14.5 cm

Publish Date: 3-Sep-19

Page Count: 208