Orange Calcite Roughs Medium

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Orange Calcite Roughs Medium

Calcite's name comes from the Greek word "chalix" which means lime. 

The colour of the sun, this bright ray of light in crystal form, has the power to energise and restore.  It magnetises the energy around your centre and helps draw high vibrations toward it. While some of the best specimens of Calcite are found in Mexico, it is also found in large deposits in various places around the world.  Orange Calcite will get your energy flowing in the right direction and help improve your mood and ramp up your inspiration.  

The strength of red rays combined with the powerful fire of gold gives these orange crystals the powers to combine, integrate, and unite; making orange the colour of physical pleasure.  Orange Calcite can bring you joy, pleasure & satisfaction, boosting your vitality, sexual energy and your self healing abilities.

Approx  100-225g

Approx   6-8cm

You will receive one piece intuitively picked for you. The photos represent the quality & sizing you will receive, however please note that as each stone is unique & one of a kind and there can be slight variations.