Colour bulbs for Salt Lamps 12v 12watt

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Colour bulbs for Salt Lamps 12v 12watt

Red colour bulbs (12V-12W)

Yellow colour bulbs (12V-12W)

Green colour bulbs (12V-12W)

Blue colour bulbs (12V-12W)

Purple colour bulbs (12V-12W)

This 12V – 12W bulb is only recommended to be installed in 12V DC Salt Lamp Cord (New Australia Standard cord).

DO NOT install this Salt Lamp Light Bulb (12V-12W) in a 220V-240V Power Cord for safety reasons.

Colours will be soft and may differ to bulb colour depending on the thickness of colour of the salt lamp they are used in. - ie; purple may appear pink.  Bulbs colours show best with white Salt Lamps.

Please note bulbs are painted with high-temperature resistant paint but will fade over time

These Lamp Light Bulbs are NOT to be used with a 220V-240V power cord- please see photos below .

Important Notes:

Please find out the model of your cord before purchasing the bulbs - see photos.

If you insert the wrong bulb in the wrong cord, it will blow and we will not be able to refund your purchase.