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Your Stars An Empowering Guide for 2020

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Your Stars An Empowering Guide for 2020

Author: Faulkner, Carolyne

Description: Your Stars is a daily Dynamic Astrology journal for 2020. Harness the power of the universe to enhance your year ahead. Ancient wisdom has never been more relevant to the modern world. This gorgeous journal is your personal guide for the next twelve months and beyond, as you learn to achieve your goals, empower decision-making, and improve your relationships – for yourself, your loved ones and the universe. Illuminating how the planets may affect us as they move throughout the year, and how we can harness this knowledge. With goals, coaching, and daily reflections, this journal will be a powerful tool for the changing tides of daily life. Beautifully written and full of down-to-earth analysis from Carolyne Faulkner, the only voice to listen to in contemporary astrology; she has created this unique journal to guide you through the year ahead, giving you the tools to help yourself in 2020 and beyond.



Publish Date: 1-Sep-19

Page Count: 224