Red Agate Flame #2

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Red Agate Flame #2

Red Agate is perfectly fitting for anyone looking to strengthen their will.

Use it if you are a goal focused person,  to lock in what you want to achieve. No dreams or goals are too big.

Use Red Agate when meditating and visualise your goals while holding on to the gorgeous red stone.

It can also help bring positive energy and clear negative energy, and let's face it, who doesn't need some of that?!  Red Agate can help with your inner stability and self-confidence.

Red agate is also considered helpful for improving relationships with your loved one. Given the red energy of this stone, it is helpful is overcoming difficulties of love.

It will make you want to be bolder when discussing love and focusing on what you want out of your relationship. If you are timid in love, then red agate can be helpful.

Approx 8x7cm


You will receive the exact Crystal pictured.