Polychrome Jasper Heart Small

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Polychrome Jasper Heart Small

Polychrome Jasper is also known as Desert Jasper and is a newly discovered Jasper from Madagascar.

Polychrome Jasper is deeply connected to the Fire element.  It embodies creativity, vitality, vibrancy, action, passion & exuberance.

If you desire more passion, emotion, or action in any aspect of your life, Polychrome Jasper can bring this your way. It can help you change parts of your life or any aspect of yourself and lead you towards a more desirable state.

It has an energy that’s very alive & potent and is known to feed your energy and revitalize your life.

Its healing energies will show you new paths and help you discover new approaches that will make you gain what you most desire in your life.

PJ is also very grounding and can help to centre and stabilise energies to strengthen and deepen your connection to Mother Earth.

Size: 3-4cm

Weight: 15-30g

You will receive one heart intuitively picked for you. The photos represent the quality & sizing you will receive, however please note that as each stone is unique & one of a kind and there can be slight variations.