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Offering Bowl Copper - Flower of Life

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Offering Bowl Copper - Flower of Life

5x8cm / 110g

Please read Important Safety Instructions below.

A beautiful decorative bowl for ceremonies, ritual practices and incense burning or simply a decoration for your Altar. Perfect for all your witchcraft needs.  

Pour sand in bowl to protect it when catching ash from smudge sticks or incense.  Great for snuffing out burning embers in the sand.  You can place a charcoal tablet on the sand to burn resins.

Flower of Life - Here is where Math, Geometry and Spirituality meet.  The Flower of Life is a symbol of harmony and is part of the Sacred Geometry which contains Akashic Records and the sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality.  Within its secret shape of 61 spheres, are contained the 13 spheres knows as The Fruit of Life which hold many mathematical and geometrical laws.  These laws represent the whole universe.  They are the source of all that exists.

Note: Each copper bowl is handcrafted in India and based on craft styles that are centuries old. There may be natural blemishes or variations that are not product flaws, but add character and makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

-Important Safety Information-

If using for burning, place your bowl on a heat resistant surface and use caution because as with any copper item, it can become hot. Never leave anything burning unattended. Keep your hot bowl away from draperies, furniture etc in order not to cause surface damage or ignition.  

The copper bowl can get hot if you burn charcoal within but the sand should help diffuse the heat. Place on a heatproof surface to protect your furniture.  Do not handle or move when hot or while incense or charcoal is burning.

This item is not for the heating or preparation of consumable or items that you intend to eat. 

Crystal Karma by Trina is not responsible for the mis-use or improper handling of this product.

Weight: 110g