Labradorite Palm Stone Heart

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Labradorite Palm Stone Heart

Labradorite - A sister to moonstone, labradorite links to the darker aspects of the Goddess, and grants inner knowing of Mystery. It enhances intuition, psychic perception and helps the bearer to understand their destiny. Use it to bring Light to the shadowed realms of the self and to connect with the power of the waning Moon. Its flashes of green, blue, gold, orange, red and sometimes violet are truly magical.

Labradorite is a hugely spiritual stone. It is especially helpful for those who tend to overwork. It helps to regain your energy and aids your body and spirit in healing themselves. Gemologists suggest that the Labradorite protects the aura from energy drain. It also enhances intuition, improves rational thought and helps use power wisely. Labradorite is considered an important mystical gemstone, sometimes referred to as a Wizard's Stone. 

Approx 6x4cm


You will receive the exact Heart pictured.