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Black Tourmanline Pendants

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Black Tourmanline Pendants

Protection & Grounding

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful protective and grounding stone. It protects against all negative energies and negative thoughts, healing on a physical, emotion, mental and spiritual level. It encourages a positive attitude and outlook on life, no matter the circumstances. Helpful for renewing a sense of comfort, ease and positivity, use in meditation and healing to enhance the flow of the energy throughout the body. 

Tourmaline is the birthstone for October

Black variety of tourmaline (schorl)

Mohs Scale 7-7.5

Origin: Brazil
Materials: Metal alloys (not silver)
Note:  Pendant Only

One will be chosen for you.

Size 3.5-4cm

Weight: 10-16g

Actual product may vary in shape, weight and colour as they are individually hand-crafted, making your purchase unique.