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Black Tourmaline Rough Large

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Black Tourmaline Rough Large

Origin: Brazil
Weight: 55-80g approx
Size: 4-6cm approx

Protection & Grounding

Black Tourmaline is a very powerful stone for grounding and protection. It protects against all negative energies, psychic attacks, negative thoughts and ill wishes. It encourages a positive attitude and outlook on life, no matter the circumstances. Black Tourmaline is a great grounding crystal used in meditation and healing as it enhances the flow of the energy throughout the body. Recommended places to put your black tourmaline is near the entrance of the room or building. Or place near your electronic devises as it protects against electronic smog as well.

Black variety of tourmaline (schorl)

You will receive one piece intuitively picked for you. The photos represent the quality & sizing you will receive, however please note that as each stone is unique & one of a kind and there can be slight variations.