Mixed Natural Crystal Chunks Box Set of 24

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Mixed Natural Crystal Chunks Box Set of 24 

Perfect Starter Box for those new to Crystals.  

Each natural crystal is approx 3-5cm

 Mixed Rough Crystal Set of 24 Pieces

Crystals include:-

1 x Smoky Quartz

1 x Black Tourmaline

1 x Crystal

1 x Emerald

1 x Sodalitic Blue Quartz

1 x Fluorite

1 x Amethyst

1 x Orchid Calcite

1 x Lepidolite

1 x Tigers Eye

1 X Calcite Mangano

1 x Black Obsidian

1 x Howlite

1 x Green Aragonite

1 x Hematite

1 x Rose Quartz

1 x Orange Calcite

1 x Coffee Obsidian

1 x Mokaite

1 x Sodalite

1 x Diopside

1 x Red Jasper

1 x Fuchsite

1 x White Aragonite

Images shown are for illustration purposes.
Actual product may vary in shape, weight and colour as they are natural, individual 100% Crystals making your purchase unique.