Cauldron - Cast Iron - Pentacle - 12.5cm - Wide Belly Base

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Cauldron - Cast Iron - Pentacle - 12.5cm - Wide Belly Base

(base to top of lid - not including handle height)


H:  12.5cm To top of lid

W:  12cm 

Perfect for using with smudge sticks, incense or simply decoration for your Altar. A wonderful tool for burning incense, charcoal discs, crushing herbs, burning candles or other ritual practices. Perfect for all your witchcraft needs. Cauldron can also be used with charcoal incense, smudge sage, as a cone burner or other apothecary needs.  Putting on the lid it will easily extinguish your lit items. 

Each of the 5 points of the Pentagram has their own meaning.  The upward point represents the spirit.  The remaining 4 points represent an element, earth, air, fire and water.  The encasing circle is representative of the circle of life; it has no end and no beginning.  Pentacles are symbols of balance and protection.

Note: Each cauldron is handcrafted and based on craft styles that are centuries old. There may be natural blemishes or variations that are not product flaws, but add character and makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

-Safety Information-
If use for burning, place your cauldron on a heat resistant surface and use caution because as with any cast iron item, it can become hot. Never leave anything burning unattended. Keep your hot cauldron away from draperies, furniture etc in order not to cause surface damage or ignition.  Crystal Karma by Trina is not responsible for the mis-use or improper handling of this product.

This item is not for the heating or preparation of consumable or items that you intend to eat.


Approx 1.05kg


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