2023 Diaries & Calendars

2023 Diaries & Calendars 

Pre-Orders have now opened for our 2023 Diary's.  The biggest seller last year, Witch's Diary (Southern Hemisphere) is here again!

We also have the popular Lunar & Seasonal (also Southern Hemisphere) and Moonology Diary's.   Secure your copy now by pre-ordering today. 

The print release date for the diary's is early July 2022 and they should arrive from our suppliers around the end of August, early September.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please place a separate order for any other products if you would like to have them shipped as usual as these pre-orders and any other items ordered with them, will not be shipped until end August/September. 

If you add any other items to your pre-order, they will be held and will not be sent until the diaries arrive.

If you wish to purchase additional items, please do a separate order or they will be held and shipped with diary in September. 

If you have any questions, please contact me before placing your order - info@trinaberwick.com.au.